9 Weirdest Food Combinations To Try Before You Die

This world tries really hard to celebrate individual uniqueness and we try to do the same. We all know what usually happens behind closed doors: you eat (we all do). Sometimes the things we eat are good for us – most times not so much. Right here for your reading pleasure we’ve gathered some bizarre food combinations you might find unacceptable or gross or whatever! But before you make up your mind we dare you to try them.


1. French Fries and Ice Cream. If you haven’t tried this combo you are truly missing out. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. There is something about sugar being mixed with saltiness and warmness of a French Fry. All we can say is ‘delicious.’


2. Honey on Pizza. The beauty of pizza is that you can make it as much your own as you would like. A nice bonus in a unique pizza is that you most likely will be eating it alone- #score! Some say savory and sweet is a match made in heaven.

3. Banana and Cheese Toastie. Before you say anything: banana makes everything better and you know it. Viscous consistency of a banana paired with a good thick cheese equals a great snack. Don’t deny it – you want to try it now.

4. Chips and Ice Cream. We just can’t get enough of the salty/sweet combo. Stop missing out on all the fun – taste it now. Give it a try and you might enjoy the crunchiness chips bring to your


5. Marshmallow Popcorn. Who said you can’t feel like you are by the fire when in reality you are on your couch binge watching Netflix? Have you tried Marshmallow Popcorn to set the mood? You should: it is delicious and combines two of our favorite things!

6. Avocado and Honey. It can be a healthy snack, a morning smoothie, or a reviving face mask. We are what we eat, right? This healthy combo has a power to set you up for the whole day.

7. Pears and Bacon. Yes, you read that correctly. You can sauté them together and make a delicious side to your main meal or eat it as it is. Still not sure? Try making little bites of pears with a piece of bacon on top – you won’t be disappointed.


8. Peanut Butter and Pickled Cucumbers. Nutritious and delicious. A perfect snack to grab on your study break. The heavy consistency of peanut butter compliments the lightness of a pickle in all the right ways.

9. Brie and Jam Sandwich. A grown-up spin on PB and J, don’t you think? Only an adult can eat something moldy and truly enjoy and appreciate it. But there is no need to let go of the childhood’s favorite jam: just pair them together.

Were you surprised with some of these combinations? Are you going to try something new today? What are your favorite weird combos? Let us know in the comments belo

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